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Conference dinner

One of the joys of visiting Tokyo is experiencing its rich food culture. There is just so much to choose from that even long-term residents regular encounter new discoveries. The Organizing Committee has been researching the various options diligently and we are now ready to publish our findings.

The conference dinner will take place at a traditional izakaya located in the heart of central Tokyo on June 9 (Saturday). Situated between Tokyo’s main business and shopping districts, the restaurant is unpromisingly hidden beneath the arches of one of the world’s busiest railway lines, harking back to an almost bygone era. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Once inside you will encounter an amazing array of fresh food expertly prepared in unique surroundings. The chef will personally select the ingredients on the morning of the dinner at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market, so we can be assured of fresh, high-quality ingredients. And a few surprises!

The restaurant is normally packed from opening to closing, but by special arrangement with the owner, we have managed to secure the whole restaurant for the entire evening. This will offer participants the chance to unwind in a leisurely way and interact over unforgettable food and drink.

As with most places in Japan, space is limited so be sure to register for the dinner as soon as possible.

If you want to find out more about the restaurant for our conference dinner, please take a look here.