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Friday night social event

Sake tasting

Tokyo is justly famed for its amazing food, but while you are here for PLL3, please try some local nihonshu–better known to some as saké. On the evening of June 8th (Friday), we will offer a nihonshu tasting, so you can try a variety of sake from small, artisanal breweries around Japan.

There are hundreds of local breweries dotting the countryside in Japan. These are usually family-run businesses going back several or many generations. Sake making in these breweries is done by hand. A master brewer and maybe a handful of workers turn pure water and rice into a delicious drink that can be enjoyed chilled or gently warmed; it is easy to pair with any kind of food, or enjoyed on its own.

While we enjoy this taste of Japan there will be a short talk introducing how sake is made, ways to enjoy it, how to order a good one in any restaurant, then most of all how to find one you’ll like and where to buy it at a reasonable price–all, even if you don’t speak Japanese. Don’t worry, the talk will be short, so you will have plenty of time to lower your affective filters to catch up with conference participants, but if you get into it and want to know more, there will be time for questions, too. Kampai!