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Calligraphy Event

The Japanese art of calligraphy or shodo, is the art of writing characters with a brush and ink. Calligraphy originated in Ancient China for writing Chinese kanji characters, but was adopted for writing Japanese script after the 4thcentury. The brush allows the calligrapher great control over the flowing script, and the concentration required makes calligraphy a meditative practice.

During the conference, the names of delegates from overseas will be written on the back of their conference bags, in kanji characters or katakana, one of the Japanese phonetic scripts. A single character expressing the theme of the conference will also be included.

Provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

 Venue: The lobby on 3rdfloor of Waseda University and International Conference Center

Time: June 8th10:30-16:30

          June 9th14:00-16:30